Frequently asked questions - what you need to know.

Answering your questions

You want to ensure that your daughter is safe and happy. We hope the information on this page will reassure you, but if you have any queries please pop along to the club on a Wednesday and take a look for yourself.

Where do you meet?

At Claregate Pavilion, which is in Claregate Park opposite The Claregate pub. The full address and a map are at the bottom of this page.

When do you meet?

Every Wednesday evening during term time, at 6:45 until 8:30.

Are you insured?

Yes. We're fully insured for all activities. Where an external provider is used (e.g. adventure activities), we ensure that they are fully insured, trained and qualified.

What's a "Young Leader"?

Older and more experienced girls are offered the opportunity to become a leader of a group. They show the others how to complete a project and provide support to younger members.

Young Leaders also have further opportunities available to them which refect their experience and improve their knowledge (i.e. training weekends).

Are you DBS checked?

Yes. Every member of the leaders has been DBS checked by the local authority.

How are you funded?

Our members pay a per-term subscription. A tuck shop helps to supplement our income. We also rely on the generosity and goodwill of parents and local businesses to support us.

Times are hard though, and we're grateful for any help you could offer. Please click here if you'd like to help us.

Who is "Captain"?

"Captain" is Iris Rollason. She has lead Sugar n Spice for over 40 years (and received an award from Bob Marris, former MP for Wolverhampton South, for her work).

How old are your members?

Sugar n Spice is for girls aged between 8 and 11.

Is there parking outside the club?

Yes. Claregate Pavillion has its own free car park at the end of Knight's Crescent.

Do you have a committee?

Yes. We have a Committee which provides guidance and fundraising support. They can address any issues which parents may have. Please contact the Committee via the Club.

How much does it cost?

Subs are just £3.00 per week, paid in three-week increments. This includes refreshments!

Join us

We meet every Wednesday at 6:45pm during school term time at Claregate Pavilion, Claregate Park, Wolverhampton.

Come and join in the fun